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Media malpractice and a border crisis that wasn't

Episode Summary

The New Republic's Alex Shephard debunks the legacy media's border "crisis" narrative. Then Stephanie Langel of Duke University's Human Vaccine Institute joins Joshua Holland for an update on COVID-19 vaccines and variants.

Episode Notes

This week, we're joined by Alex Shephard, a staff writer at The New Republic, to talk about why the legacy media fell so hard for a demonstrably false conservative narrative about the Biden administration's policies creating a "crisis" at our southern border. Are they just trying to demonstrate to Trump's supporters that they're going to be tough on Biden, or is something else going on? And will crying "border crisis" work for conservatives this time? 

Then we welcome Stephanie Langel, a research fellow at Duke University's Human Vaccine Institute, to give us the latest on vaccine production and distribution--including a PR disaster for Astra-Zeneca--and the new Covid-19 variants, and talk Joshua out of going to a bar after he's fully vaccinated. Important stuff.