We've Got Issues

Are Trump's own Deep State loyalists fabricating a crisis at the Mexican border?

Episode Summary

Eric Boehlert of PressRun joins Joshua Holland to talk about media coverage of the Biden administration. Then Joan McCarter from Daily Kos discusses next steps for Democrats now that President Joe Biden has signed historic COVID relief into law.

Episode Notes

This week, Joshua Holland warns that Democrats had better get to the bottom of a disturbing report that suggests Customs and Border Protection officials are intentionally creating a border "crisis" to hurt Joe Biden's presidency. 

Then we check in with Eric Boehlert, who writes PressRun, for his insights about the legacy media's early coverage of the Biden administration after four years of struggling to properly report on the Trump regime. 

And finally, Joan McCarter from Daily Kos joins us to talk about what's next for Biden, his fragile congressional majorities and the future of the filibuster.